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Greek cuisine - cooking recipes

The Greek cuisine is a typical Mediterranean cuisine with noticeable oriental influence. The most important product is the olive oil, which is used either for cooking, or salads.
The fish and the sea products are largely used, thanks to their variety in the Mediterranean Sea.
The most popular meats are the lamb and the goat, as the terrain tends to favour the production of goats and sheep over cattle. The beef and veal dishes tend to be a rarity.
The big variety of vegetables is another important part of the Greek cuisine. The most popular are aubergines, tomatoes and capsicums. Olives and cheese present always on the table. A big variety of spices is largely used. The most popular national drinks are the ouzo, tsipouro, metaxa and the retsina.

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Main dishes

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Roasted Greek Potatoes (Πατάτες φούρνου)


Desserts, sweet courses
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