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French cuisine - cooking recipes

The French cuisine has the repitation af the best in the world. Very popular are fish and sea products, veal, lamb, chickenq rabbit, game. The pork is the less popular one. The French pate are world famous. The snails and the frog legs are considered as a very fine delicacy. Stuffing meat, chicken, duck etc. is largely popular as well. From the vegetables foten used are the pea, artichoke, asparagus, garlic, tomatoes, okra, mushrooms. The eggs are also an important product in the French culinary tradition. Typical example is the large variety of omelettes recipes.
Very popular for seasoning is so called "bouquet garni", which is a bunch of parsley, thyme, bay-leaves, basil, celery, rosemary, savory. The set of herbs can vary according to the dish in which it's going to be used. During the cooking the bunch is placed together with the other ingredients, after the cooking it's removed.
Another very popular product in the French cuisine is the cheese. The cheeses are largely used for preparation of sauces, but also as a dessert, together with some fruits like apples, grapes, pine-apples. According the tradition the dessert should include four types of cheese: fresh cheese, matured cheese, mould cheese and hard cheese.
The next French sacred product - the wine is used except in it's usual role, also as an ingredient for a variety of sauces and marinades.
The flambing is one of the important techiques for the finishing of some meat dishes, but often as the biggest attraction during the serving.

Current number of recipes in French cuisine: 40


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