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English cuisine - cooking recipes

Predetermined by the famous English climate, the island location and the empire background. Influenced by the continental european cuisine, as well as by the traditions of the ex colonies like India. The traditional Old-English cuisine contains mainly of roasted and stewed meat, different pies and fish. Nowadays it's more and more influenced by the French. Italian, Indian and Chineese cuisines. The most popular meat is beef and sheep, usually grilled, or roasted. World famous is the English Beefsteak and Roast beef. The English breakfast is famous with it's quantity, variety of ingredients and caloricity. Contains of few parts including often fried bacon, ham, boiled or fried eggs, smoked veal, bread, jam and of course tea. The lunch is usually light - often only sandwich, salad and tea. The afternoon tea - "five o'clock" is an immutable tradition in the English daily round. Usually some sandwiches or sweets are offered together with the tea. The traditional English dinner is usually rich and caloric. Important parts of the menu are meat, fish, sauces, salads, often together with soup or chips.

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