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Austrian cuisine - cooking recipes

It is considered to be one of the most multinational cuisines in Europe. Descends from the Austro - Hungarian cuisine, but is also influenced by the bavarian, czech, hungarian and italian cuisines. Rich variety of recipes divided by 6 main regions: Vienna, Burgenland, Oberoesterreich, Niederoesterreich, Kärnten, Steiermark.
A typical Austrian meal includes usually from 2 to 7 courses according to the importance occasion. It usually starts with an appetizer (Vorspeise), a soup (Suppe), and a main course (Hauptspeise) with one or two either raw or cooked side dishes (Beilagen). It may also include a dessert which can be either a cake ("Kuchen" or "Torte"), any baked specialty made with flour ("Mehlspeise"), or a warm or cold after-meal sweet treat ("Nachspeise"). With the meal, Austrians usually drink either beer, wine or "sekt" (sparkling wine). After the meal it is usual to take cofee with some fruit brandy (Schnapps).

Current number of recipes in Austrian cuisine: 27


Starters and appetizers


Main dishes

Side dishes, garnishes


Dessert, sweet course

Pastes, breads
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