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Kitchen tools

  • Frying pan

A pan used for frying, searing, and browning foods. It is typically a 20 to 30 cm. diameter flat pan with flared sides and no lid.

  • Sauté pan

A pan used for sautéing foods. It is typically a 30 cm. diameter flat pan with straight sides and a lid.

  • Wok pan

A versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel with a small bottom originating in China. It is used especially in East and Southeast Asia. This is probably the most important vessel in the Asian cuisine, replacing all kinds of pans and pots. According some archaeological findings the wok is being used in China in the last 2000 years.

  • Baking tin

Few of a different size and shape are needed - round, rectangular, with and without central opening, cake tins.

  • Knives

Chef's knife, Bread knife, Offset serrated, Paring knife, Steak knife, Carving knife, Slicing knife, Cleaver, Boning knife, Fillet knife, Ham slicer, Peeling knife, Decorating knife, Soft cheese knife, Hard cheese knife, Parmesan cheese knife.

  • Pots

For boiling, for beating up eggs, for making dough, pressure cooker.

  • Syringe
  • Peelers and cleaners

2 types peelers for potatoes, cucumbers etc., Cherry pitter, Apple Corer and Divider, Nutcracker.

  • Pottery

Few of a different size, with and without a lid, tile-shaped for fish.

  • Fireproof pots
  • Strainers, sieves

Colander, chinoise, tamis (drum sieve), flour sifter, cocktail strainer.

  • Food processors

Pureer, blender, mixer.

  • Ricers

Potato ricer, Garlic ricer

  • Spoons

Caddy spoon, Spoodle, Ladle, Slotted spoon, Stilton spoon, Sugar spoon, Olive spoon, Mustard spoon.

  • Rolling-pin

It's needed to have 2 types - rod and roller.

  • Egg cutters

Slicer, cracker, separator.



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