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Fish and Sea Products

The fish and fish products in culinary represents all edible parts of  the freshwater and saltwater fishes, molluscs and others (frogs etc.). It's an important part of the culinary tradition of many countries. There are more than 27000 species of fish which is the most varied group of  vertebrate animals on Earth. Only a small number is used in the culinary. The fish and the fish products are prepared in various arts - raw (sushi), canned, smoked, in marinade, roasted, fried, boiled, grilled. Some of them date back to the antiquiti, invented first as methods to preserve the fish from tainting, but they are still used today for the taste, flavour and the texture they give to the food. The fish in general, but especcialy the salt-water fish has a high Omega-3 content, which are valuable for the cardio-vascular system. It is considered that the use of fish as a main food is the reason for the low level of cardio-vascular diseases among the Eskimos, the Scandinavians and the Japaneese. 


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