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Meat and meat products

PhotoMeat is the muscles and belonging fat of different mammals and birds. It is also often used as a summary which includes also bones and edible offal.
The English word "meat" originates from the old English "mete", which means "food".
Meat is used in the culinary in a shape of whole pieces - steaks, cutlets, chops, fillets, but also minced, or fine chopped for meat balls or paste, or as a main ingredient for sausages and salami.
Most often the meat is consumed cooked, but in some culinary traditions there are recipes for raw meat dishes like for ex. "Carpaccio". Common and popular are roasting, frying, stewing, grilling, cooking.
Another ways for preparation of the meat are drying, smoking, marinade and salt - curing. In many countries around the world drying and salting are also popular ways to prepare different kinds of meat. In the Balkans for example are very popular the smoked, dried sausages like Bulgarian's "sudjuk" and "lukanka" and Bulgarian salt - cured meat - "pastarma".

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