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Белгийски сирена

Капра (Capra)
Прясно козе сирене (chevre), което се произвежда както натурално, така и овкусено с мед или подправки и билки.
Creamy and rich, as a goat cheese should be, Capra Goat is aged for only a few weeks, so it is firm enough to slice but creamy enough to spread. This chevre comes from the mountainous Walloon-speaking region in the south, a place where goats graze on herbs and grasses in the rugged hills of the Ardennes. In the best-selling Honey flavor, the addition of a drop of sweet Belgian "liquid gold" gives the cheese a hint of sugar that is extremely pleasing to the palate. Importantly, its sweet side tempers the delightful tanginess inherent in all goat cheeses. Also available coated in Wild Herbs, this mild, smooth, refreshing cheese is fast becoming one of our favorites. Varieties sold separately.Шимей (Chimay)
Chimay produces several varieties of cheese, the most famous of which is their Trappiste with Beer. It is springy textured, slightly aromatic and has an enjoyable meaty flavor.

Пасендейл (Passendale)
A sweet semi-soft cheese with many small holes. Passendale, a semi-soft cow's milk cheese, impressed us as a sure hit the first time we tasted it. We loved its delicious flavor and sweet bouquet and found it to have universal appeal. You will feel comfortable serving this cheese to anyone, as it will not offend those with basic tastes, yet will still wow the gourmets. It is a little bit sweet and very, very creamy, owing to its French heritage. It has a golden interior dotted with small holes beneath a hard, but edible rind. Passendale is handmade in the traditional method by artisan Belgian cheese crafters. From the land of Trappiste Monks and ancient villages, Passendale is a rare treat that you will find to be simply scrumptious.

Винендейл (Wynendale)
A decidedly spicy, ultra creamy cheese with a pronounced aroma. Difficult to find in the United States, this spicy jewel of West Flanders is crafted with full-cream cow's milk following an ancient tradition of Bourgogne. The name Wynendale is undeniably linked to medieval Burgundian history. Wynendale Castle, amid the mysterious woods and the green pastures of Flanders, was referred to as the "castle of delight" by Burgundian Dukes. A delicacy, this cheese is ideal for dessert or a luxurious snack.


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