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Хаварти (Havarti)
Havarti is named for a farm owned by Hanne Nielsen. She was an intrepid nineteenth-century cheesemaker who travelled widely to increase her knowledge of the job. Her cheese is factory made now and is widely distributed.
The Havarti gourmet cheese has a supple and creamy paste with masses of tiny eyes. The flavor is usually exceedingly mild but it strengthens a little as it matures.
Some cheeses are flavored with, herbs or caraway seeds and served in thin slices for breakfast or use in sandwiches with cucumber and fresh dill weed, mashed dates, or mango chutney.
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Есром (Esrom)
Esrom is made in flat rectangular shapes and is usually wrapped in foil. The yellow paste has a supple texture with irregularly shaped holes. The flavor is quite rich and aromatic and seems to grow on the palate. It gains even more spicy flavors as it ages and so often tastes better when it has been exported because it is more mature.
Invented in the 1930s, this cheese was said to resemble Port Salut and was, for a time, named Danish Port Salut. In fact, it is a much more interesting cheese than Port Salut. In the 1950s it was renamed for a long-forgotten cheese made by the monks of Esrom.
Well wrapped and kept in a cool place, Esrom will keep for a couple of weeks.

Самсое (Samsoe)
Samsoe started as a Danish version of Swiss Emmental but today it has developed a totally different character of its own. Once a farmhouse cheese, Samsoe and its many descendants are now factory produced, but can still be considered a gourmet cheese.
Made in round flat cartwheels and in large slabs, Samsoe has a golden-yellow dry rind which is usually coated in yellow cheese wax. Softer than Emmental, it has a texture which can be flabby but which at its best is more akin to Cheddar.
The paste is pale yellow in color with a few shiny holes about the size of cherries. The flavor is quite mild and nutty in the young cheese, but this strengthens and takes on a slightly more pungent quality as the cheese matures.
Samsoe is a useful gourmet cheese for those who do not like strong flavors because it is very versatile. It offers a mild alternative on a cheese board and, sliced with a handheld cheese slicer, it mixes well with other sliced cheeses.


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